Everything you need to know about pets at Home

How we created a genuinely pet-friendly rental option

The benefits of owning a pet are well documented, from increased physical activity, extra companionship and mental health improvements. With all this on offer in exchange for some pats – it’s no wonder Australians are looking for pet-positive living solutions.

Recognising these benefits and the growing number of pet owners in Australia, Home’s worked hard to develop a genuinely pet-friendly rental offering with plenty of space for everyone.

“In terms of the building itself, pets are allowed almost everywhere – including our resident lounge and co-working space on level 59,” explains Becky Blakeway, the general manager of Home Southbank. “We have some residents with pets who are essentially able to take them to work because our co-working space is their office.”

This is a perfect example of how we focus on the modern resident’s needs while considering pets and those around them. With an abundance of desks, quiet zones and private meeting rooms, there’s more than enough room for everyone.


Beyond the option for pets and their owners to access communal areas, Home has also developed some pet focused facilities, like a spa that makes grooming simple (much easier than washing your pet in a shower).

Or if you’d rather leave grooming to the professionals, Home’s Resident Services team can organise this for you. It’s just one of the ways the team wants to make owning a pet at Home as easy as possible.

“We’ll also be offering additional services like walking, overnight care and even a pop-in where someone can drop into your apartment and feed your cat if you get stuck at work,” says Blakeway.

“It’s just one of the services that we want to offer to make sure that we are different and pet friendly,” she continues. “As a team, we know all the pets by name and love saying hello to the dogs on their way out for a walk. It makes everyone feel so at home here.”

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